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All the information contained on these pages is believed to be correct to the best of my knowledge, however, the author will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or any consequences arising from such errors.

The information in this database is not primarily based on information derived from the Registration System operated by the Broads Authority or their predecessors, however, since 2008 I have been able to access limited information from the Broads Authority's toll database. It has been created primarily by sightings of the boats on or out of the water over the past forty years during my holidays on the Broads (usually only two weeks per year), together with information extracted from hire catalogues or supplied by boat-owners and other enthusiasts. As a consequence, there may be errors, particularly in the dates, which may be out by a year or so in some cases.


For many of the craft, dates are based solely on the times I have seen it on the water, hence many have 'before' or 'circa' prefixes.

Build Date has also caused a problem, I have been made aware that a number of craft were built earlier than I had indicated, but on different waterways - the date of appearance on the Broads actually being a re-registration, rather than initial registration - when this has been proven, the build date has been corrected, but there may still be a number of entries showing falsly recent build dates.

Additionally, for some boats, the date of building has been taken from adverts or sales material and again I cannot verify their accuracy.

Finally, data taken from the lists supplied by the Broads Authority cover the period from April 1st. to March 31st., hence this data cannot be tied to an exact date, these are indicated by a slash rather than a hyphen, e.g. 1994/95

Design Details

The information describing the myriad of designs on the site has been acquired from a wide variety of sources (see Credits page for a listing). In some cases, the length of a craft has apparently changed over time, now although there are recorded rebuilds where this is the case, I believe much is down to 'stretchy' tape measures and I have chosen one for the quoted dimensions!

Although I have made the best efforts to ensure information on the website is correct, there are occasions where data sources are contradictory, hence I will not confirm any information is correct and will not be held responsible of any decisions made based on data from


Although I have amassed photographs of about a third of the boats on the Broads, it has not been possible to photograph every boat, therefore where there isn't a photograph, the illustrations on the site are where possible very similar to the actual boat, usually another boat in the same class. However, there are instances where the actual boat can differ markedly from the illustration (either a different window arrangement or different canopy style are the usual discrepancies). The author will not be responsible for decisions made solely on the illustrations on this web site.

If you notice a mistake on any of the pages within this web-site please contact the author.

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